$_GET'['variable'] cannot be retrieved at functions.php

Hi people,

I’m new to roots, trying to discover it.

This morning I run into the problem of not being able to get querystring params.

Plain and simple, the following reports nothing at the roots’ functions.php

echo $_GET['myvar'];

if I were to request the functions.php straight from the url ( like mydomain.com/wp-content/themes/retlehs-roots-8f5df2e/functions.php ), I’m getting the ‘myvar’ value though.

does roots somehow interfere with the get variables?
If so, could you tell me the wisdom behind this and the know-how of how I can get that basic functionality?

And also, could someone point me to a page/url which may be listing such abnormalities ( if available )?

and finally, is http://discourse.rootstheme.com/ or the google groups is the right place to ask questions to the roots’ community?

Thank you.

Putting echo $_GET['myvar']; in functions.php is working for me, so this might be an issue with your server configuration. Does it work if you do it on another theme?

This is the right place to ask questions :slight_smile: We’ll be closing the Google Group very soon.

And just to be clear, Roots doesn’t do anything to interfere with $_GET, $_POST, $_SERVER etc.