2 questions about copyright and translation

  1. Can I use this theme to create my own theme and then sell it over the internet?
  2. I see that roots is having a lang folder and there is no romanian translation. I wanna help with translating in romanian. I already have Poedit but where do I submit my .po and .mo file after I finish to translate?
    3.How to do css modification the app.css from css folder is gone and in app.less it’s says 6.4.0 version not 6.5.0
    Edit: The Theme is fully translated in romanian where do I submit the .po and .mo file?
  1. Roots uses the MIT license so yes you can
  2. You’ll need to make a pull request on the repository on Github
  3. app.css is generated by app.less, use Grunt or something like CodeKit to compile it

Thank’s toby but I steel don’t get with app.css

As of 6.5.0, Grunt.js is now powering the master branch of Roots. I won’t go into detail here because there’s a Roots 101 post over on the new site that will help you get used to the switch and the benefits it brings. The 101 links to a Grunt focussed post towards the end if you need any more help.

There is also a classic branch of Roots on Github that you can use, but you should give Grunt a try first. Thanks for the heads-up regarding app.less; the code itself is fine, only the version number is out of date.

Thank’s for the info.Also in / assets / css / main.min.css 6.4.0