404 after https

I’m attempting to use the https config section of bedrock-ansible.

I added this into my group_vars/development and re provisioned my vagrant server.

  enabled: true
  cert: '../site/ssl/caltonnew.dev.crt'
  key: '../site/ssl/caltonnew.dev.key' 

It copied it over to the vagrant box correctly, except with some serious issues.

http://pastebin.com/b8zka78h - crt
http://pastebin.com/ZQRrhGUa - key

The Vagrant box shows that it’s looking for 443 ssl spdy correctly. Accessing the local site on port 80 works fine, but once I go to 443, it 404s. I then tried to set up https://local.dev as the site url, and both port 80 and 443 404.