7.0.0 start

Hi there,

I’m not quite sure how should this new 7.0 work.
I need to copy all files from vendor folder to correct place, or what?

  • When I do grunt build, only modernizer gets copied over to js/vendor folder
  • jQuery I need to copy manually, or?
  • What about bootstrap js plugins, manually copy or?

By now I used sass bootstrap + grunt compass for compile, and all files were already in place.
Also I had livereload active, then i just run grunt watch and that’s it.
I don’t get this new thing with downloading all repos from github.

Thanks in advanced

You don’t need to copy anything manually anywhere. grunt build also created assets/js/scripts.min.jswith all the Bootstrap JS and other theme JS - Modernizr and jQuery are enqueued separately. The Gruntfile produces a lean Modernizr build that puts it at assets/js/vendor/modernizr.min.js. jQuery is loaded from the CDN and the fallback is loaded from Bower’s vendor directory.

Read through both https://github.com/roots/roots/blob/master/lib/scripts.php and https://github.com/roots/roots/blob/master/Gruntfile.js

It’s called Bower and it’s awesome.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for reply.
My mistake I saw in gruntfile.js filelist for js but did not noticed path is changed, I was reading from my memory :stuck_out_tongue:
Now everything is clear, thanks.