A more general guide for the whole big picture


I’m still very new to this type of development.
Looking for advice for hosting. I want to streamline my development process entirely so I will make sure that my clients work with hosting that goes well with Bedrock and Roots.

Ideally I’d like to push from local to staging environment and then onto production. I guess I’m looking for a VPS. I’ve looked into DigitalOcean which seems to be one of the more popular ones. Are there any others that are good? (Read some not-so-good stuff about DO lately).

I’d really like a real general type of guide with pointers on how to implement Bedrock and Roots into my flow the way you imagine it. I’m thinking a very easy guide with basic steps with the possibility to go more in depth with each step (linking to screencasts and specific guides for composer, grunt etc). But yeah, I’m missing the big picture (which is kind of hard to grasp with all these, although awesome, new tools – coming from a cowboy coding background).

Cheers and thanks for all your efforts!


I agree this would probably be useful for a lot of people. I’ll add it to my list of posts to write.

DigitalOcean does have some issues but it’s dirt cheap. Linode is another great VPS provider that’s a little more expensive (but still cheap) with great service and reputation.


I’ve just (finally) made it out the other side of that process. Using Bitbucket for private repos, local vagrant VM to handle capistrano and Media Temple as hosting environment. From what I’ve read, the issues to make cap / composer / wp-cli work there are typical of most shared or VPS environments if they do allow each piece. I’d be happy to share in the effort to make such a doc come to light.