Absolute paths for sage source files when running gulp serve

The following resources are being written as absolute paths using the production URL not the URL I configured in the manifest.json.

“config”: {
“devUrl”: "http://localhost:8888/ "

how do I change the following


to this when developing locally


What is “gulp serve”? Are you talking about gulp watch? BrowserSync automatically does that for you

PS. Please use Bedrock

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the reply, yes I meant gulp watch. BrowserSync does not appear to be displaying those URLS as relative.

To provide more info I’m using MAMP 3.5 locally and trying to deploy to Pantheon. I am interested in using Bedrock, but pretty sure that it is not supported on Pantheon. I will pend some time this week looking at Bedrock and Trellis and consider moving over to DigitalOcean, but I have active projects on Pantheon that I need to support for the time being.

Any help would be much apprecated.


Ended up spending some time and getting Bedrock and Trellis set up with DigitalOcean, was a bit of a learning curve but seems to be working fine. When I did this the above issue resolved itself.