Activate sidebar on custom template

I’m using Sage 9 beta 3 and created a custom taxonomy. For that I also created a new template located:
How can I “activate” the sidebar for this new template? I use the default app.blade.php layout which has already OOTB the sidebar condition:

@if (App\display_sidebar())

in place.

But on the mentioned template I don’t get the sidebar printed out.

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I am having the exact same issue. Have you figured it out?

I just found a reference to this implementation by searching Github issues:

Looks like they deliberately removed the example filter from the boilerplate and expect theme devs to use it as needed:

Ok. Adding the following code into /app/filters.php

add_filter('sage/display_sidebar', function ($display) {
    static $display;

    isset($display) || $display = in_array(true, [
      // The sidebar will be displayed if any of the following return true
      // ... more types

    return $display;

works for me. The filter is already included here: