Adding a Fourth Environment (remote development server)

In the office where I work, and in many previous places I’ve worked, we have three servers: dev, stage, and prod. So I’m trying to renamed the built-in Trellis “development” environment to “local” and then copy the “staging” environment to create and deploy to a remote dev server.

It’s going okay but not yet working/completed. Is my approach the right one? Is there an official way to do this which I’m not seeing?


That’s the right way. What is not working? Please provide specifics. Make sure you’ve searched all instances of the codebase and check for any usage of development after you renamed it to local.


It worked out pretty well! I grepped the whole trellis folder for “development” and switched those all to “local”, badda bing badda boom. I was preemptively asking my question I guess. Thanks for the feedback @ben!

Uh oh! Turns out it didn’t really work out all the way. Some of the other devs cloned this down and gave it a go with vagrant up and they’re all getting this error message:

PLAY [WordPress Server: Install LEMP Stack with PHP 7.0 and MariaDB MySQL] *****
skipping: no hosts matched

Results in no nginx on the VM & no site running. So I’m going to copy the staging and name it “shared_dev” or something, and return “development” back to the vagrant VM env it wants to be.