Adding a PHP extension without editing the php role directly?

Hey y’all,
I have a site that needs SOAP installed. I managed to install it successfully using this reference

In trellis/roles/php/defaults/main.yml I added

  - php7.1-soap

So that’s all good and working, but I’m wondering if there’s a less invasive place to put this. Can it be included in group_vars somehow?


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You nailed it. You may put that exact snippet in any group_vars file you choose. I’d probably choose group_vars/all/main.yml.

Regarding the defaults in any trellis/roles/<rolename>/defaults/main.yml files, they have the lowest priority and they live to be overridden by your redefinition in group_vars files.

Trellis has begun to use a pattern to make it easier to override some defaults (roots/trellis#735 and roots/trellis#787). The combo of php_extensions_default + php_extensions_custom make it so if you’d like to add to the list of php extensions, you only need to redefine php_extensions_custom instead of the entire list of php_extensions.