Adding modernizr

Yep you’re right - for some reason I’d read jshint in the conversation :slight_smile:

I think the counterpart file to create is .eshintignore

But glad to hear the flags work @azzcatdesign

I spend a lot of time for the solution to combine modernizr with the main.js file.

First i’ve added Modernizr as vendor in the manifest.json-File:

"main.js": {
			"files": [
			"vendor": [
			"main": true

You see, the file is in the default scripts folder in a subfolder called 'dependencies'. I created this folder and the modernizr folder by myself, so you can pick your own folder-name if you want.

**Important:** You see, the vendor path (`"vendor": ["assets/scripts/dependencies/modernizr/modernizr.js"]`) is the root path of your theme and not the path of your script you've added on the `"files": []`-Part.

So you don't need the `.jshintignore` file for compiling `gulp --production`.
And best of all, you don't have to use `wp_enqueue_script ()`.

But if you want your own Files for each javascript file, put this in your `.jshintignore`: `assets/scripts/dependencies/**` and every file inside your `dependencies` folder will not error on `gulp --production`.