Additional environment other than dev, prod, staging

Hi Friends

I’ve already successfully added a new server and a new deploy for “”.

I am trying to set up a new deploy on three server environments.

and now attempting

So I’d have 4x deploys staging, production, test, backup. I’m trying to add “” so that I can run

ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e "" env="backup"

Obviously I can just set it up in the current /group_vars/test/wordpress_sites.yml so that I run something like
ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e "" env="test"
But that doesn’t suit the business systems as test, staging, production all hit different end points of an API and some variety of network infrastructure.

I think where I’m hitting a wall is setting up the /hosts/test and /hosts/backup both use the same value for hostname in [test] and [backup].

Is my only solution to set up a new server?