Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field, Controllers

Hey all,

This might be more of a PHP question, I’m also new to WP theme development and working with Sage, please bare with me.

Referencing this question posted a few days ago: ACF Pro Repeater Fields w/ Sage 9

I wanted to know how would one initialize and implement a gallery inside of a repeater field that has its data pulled using the array.

Hey @kgpierre - do you mean how you would take the data from the controller and use it to output the markup needed for a specific gallery tool?

Yes! So I have a repeater field set up in the ACF panel:

-> main_image
-> gallery_images
-> portfolio_description

I wanted to know more about getting the second, gallery images, to work. It’s probably very simple but I’m brand new to all fo this.

No problem! Have you picked a gallery tool you want to use to present your images? That will tell us what markup, HTML and styles/scripts you need.

Support on this forum is all volunteer-based, and asking someone to do this level of work for free isn’t something that is reasonable

Feel free to post in the jobs category if you’d like to pay someone for their time to help you get a better idea