AngularJS vs PHP Admin frameworks

Hey brothers (and sisters?).

I’ve been handed a bunch of page designs for maybe a twenty page website that will interface with an API to populate a bunch of zing charts and tables. We also want admin to be able to configure widgets, navigation menu, blog content, etc, which will basically be a marketing tool.

We are considering AngularJS at least on the admin side for wysiwyg editing (Blur-Admin looks like a nice starting place). There are also frameworks like Visual Composer, MotoPress, Cherry and I hear Unyson is great.

Roots community have been a significant source of wisdom and information. Please share your experiences, insights and suggestions as I/we get ready to roll our shirt sleeves up on this.

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So is the plan to use Sage as the theme, but build an AngularJS app to handle the admin area (using the Rest API?). If so that’s quite an odd plan- if you have the resources to build an AngularJS app for the admin, why not also replace the theme and go full on headless Wordpress? Presumably you want the theme to be at least as fluid as the admin area?

If all you need is WYSIWYG, use a framework, and I would recommend Unyson for the fact its open source (also Visual Composer gives me migraines). You might have some trouble making sage comparable with it though, a wiser dev than me would know. Just bear in mind that Blur-Admin would require a separate app be built to handle the admin area, whereas the frameworks extend Wordpress.

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Thank you, man. Very helpful. Still working on exactly what route we want to go.

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Hey! I am on the ZingChart team, let me know if you have any questions! We would be more than happy to help!

Awesome, Derek. Will do for sure. Is this this best way to communicate? Github? Stack overflow?

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You can just message us through our website chat feature. We are always on and ready to chat. Go to our homepage and hit the pink chat widget on the bottom right corner.