Another "Class App not found"

All information is here :

The bug issues was deleted since it’s “User fault” but has I state in the issue, I already ran into all the debugging stuff and can’t find a way to make it work.

I passed almost 12 hours getting Trellis and Sage to work, and I hope it’s the last step before I can start production with it.

Any helps would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


No answer here, no answer in github… i’m desesperate…

I could do with some help on this too please.

Hop. Hop. Hop. Still need some help.

Have you been able to solve this?

I had this issue locally on VVV box and couldn’t fix it.

Have had no issues with Sage on Trellis / Bedrock though.

I still have this issue with Trellis & Bedrock …

I have some more information on this, if I manually use the namespace in the blade template file then the class gets loaded fine.

Adding this to the page-header.blade.php solved the issue.

<?php use App\Controllers\App; ?>

Would this indicate there’s an issue with soberwp/controller?

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Same here. @alwaysblank do you have any idea what is going on?

@Juan_Cruz_Rabaglia If you’ve tried rolling the Trellis PHP version back to pre-7.3.6 and still see the error, I really don’t have any idea. It looks like there have been some changes to soberwp/controller if you’re tracking master, but I have no idea if they’d have an effect on this. I haven’t actually used soberwp/controller in a year or more; I switched to just using Sage’s filters, and then Composers in the 10 beta. It does look like the error is being thrown by the call to App::title() in page-header.blade.php so it does sound like a soberwp/controller issue. Whether that issue is a result of 7.3.6 or soberwp/controller itself, I don’t know. Maybe @withjacoby might have more insight?

Finally some insight ! :smiley:

I reverted even at php7.1 !

What process did you use to revert to an earlier version of PHP?

Find all references to the php version and changed it to 7.1 in Ansible configuration file

I tried changing to PHP 7.1 and still the same problem.

I’m fairly convinced it’s due to this commit;

I have reverted for now. This was only on master though, there have been no changes to v2.1.1.

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