Ansible on VM

Hey everyone! Thanks to the roots team for making this amzanig project.
Can you please tell me how to use remote ansible on another VM?
I’m running MS Windows so can’t install Ansible properly to my OS, can I install it on to anoter VM, and manage my local (MS) Vagrant from there? If so can you please tell me how to do it?

Have you been through the Host OS Notes?

On you link i can see only error 404

I’ve fixed the link. It’s in the readme on GitHub.

I read about it “the workaround is to run Ansible on the VM” - my question is how to config this to run with bedrock? where should i put ip for VM with Ansimble?

You need to use the alternative Vagrantfile. It’s linked to from the readme (I think Scott has a newer version linked in the original’s comments too).

I already use alternarive file. It’s good, but it use windows to install ansible on VM. I’m asking how i can use Ansible on another VM or PC :smile:
But thank you for answer!