Any experience with WP Media Offload, Digital Ocean Spaces/CDN and Cloudflare?

Hi, hopefully this topic is okay to be posted here.

We have a project that requires a ton of gallery images and we’d like to offload them to a Digital Ocean Space and use the Digital Ocean CDN.

The domain we have is registered with Godaddy.
The DNS is provided by Cloudflare.
We’ve setup a Space on our DO account.

We’d like to keep our domain registered with Godaddy, and keep our DNS with Cloudflare. The documentation we’ve discovered states that we may need to move the DNS from Cloudflare to Digital Ocean’s DNS in order to setup a subdomain to be used with the CDN for SEO purposes.

Does anyone have any particular experience with this setup, keeping DNS with Cloudflare and setting up a subdomain to be used with the DO CDN? Or does anyone know of any writeup or documentation that we’re unable to discover?

So far we have everything setup except getting our subdomain to work with the CDN.

The only direct way to get around this is providing Digital Ocean with your own SSL certificate.

The easiest way to handle it is using a CDN service that supports a pull configuration – like KeyCDN, AWS. Use the DO spaces to store your objects and use the pull CDN to serve them.


Thank you. Looks like KeyCDN is exactly what we need.

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