Any open source or paid Sage based themes?

Are there any open source or paid Sage based themes available to download anywhere?

Thank you.

I’ve seen several themes on ThemeForest that were based on the older starter theme (pre-Sage), but none of them are anything that I could recommend based on what I saw. We also ask that people don’t promote their paid products over here.

@kalenjohnson has a minimal blogging theme for coders he’s created called Source:

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Thank you for the reply, I will certainly be checking out @kalenjohnson source theme.

I did a search before posting and there was talk previously of releasing some open source themes based on Sage, is this still in the pipeline? I’m guessing not as the posts were quite some time ago.

It’s currently on hold as the main demographic on our sites aren’t usually interested in purchasing a pre-built theme. I also struggled with how updates would be handled with the themes because of how quickly the starter theme changes. We might revisit it in the future, but for now we’re going to focus on educational tools instead.

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