Any PERL Developer here willing to write a VirtualMin Script for Bedrock

Hello friends, for anyone here that is unfamiliar with VirtualMin, it’s a administration panel for linux (like cPanel). VirtualMin has a few default apps you can install with two clicks, like WordPress, RoundCube, etc.

Recently I tried out Bedrock and all I can say is I’m in love. Now I want to use Bedrock for all my WordPress websites that I’m hosting.

In VirtualMin you can write custom installation scripts for any apps you want to add to the “two click” installer. The thing is those scripts are written in PERL and I know nothing of it. Granted, I could take some time and learn it, doesn’t seem that difficult anyways, but I was wondering if there are any PERL developers here willing to contribute.

This is how a wordpress installation script looks like:

Cheers, thank you.

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