Apostrophe appears as an encode in blog titles

I have an apostrophe in one of my blog titles in WordPress. The word is - doesn’t - however it shows up on the website/preview as - doesn& # 0 3 8 ; & # 8 2 1 7 ;t - (spaces had to be put in between so that it would show here)

  • All plug ins and wordpress are updated
  • Custom theme. Using Sage
  • Tried deactivating plug in, didn’t help

Haven’t been able to find a solution for this

If you’re using Sage (it’s unclear from your post if you’re using any part of the Roots stack) then the issue may be that you’re using a {{ }} tag. Blade runs anything sent to that tag through the htmlspecialchar function, which will do stuff like what you’ve described. From the Blade Documentation:

By default, Blade {{ }} statements are automatically sent through PHP’s htmlspecialchars function to prevent XSS attacks. If you do not want your data to be escaped, you may use the following syntax:

Hello, {!! $name !!}.

That did it, thank you @alwaysblank!