Are you gitignoring your compiled css? (No Trellis, No Bedrock)

Just a general workflow question with Sage 10, how are you getting your compiled css and js files into production?

You shouldn’t ever be running node_modules in production, and the compiled css and js are gitignored by default?

What is everyone else doing for their deployment? Right now we have it git pulling into production but then it doesn’t have any of the latest css or js changes.

The most basic version of what you need to do is run yarn build:production locally, and copy the newly built public directory to your server.

The simplest way to do this would be manually over (s)FTP, and you can complicate it from there. For instance, if you’re using GitHub already, you could probably write a GitHub Workflow to do it!

Ah, we’re using Capistrano so I’ll just add a flag for if the site uses Sage 10 and rsync over the public directory.

Does that sound… normal?

We are using GitHub, but haven’t messed with their Workflows much. What would that look like? Installing yarn dependencies during the workflow, and then… can you sftp up files from the workflow to the production site?