Ask: Deploy existing wordpress site files (db, wp-contents, uploads) to vps linode

Hi All,
Sorry for this question,

  • at this moment mostly i had use ansible + some roles to setup instance vps & wordpress files (deploy db, wp-contents, uploads files) into linode vps
  • some of the difficulties i found if i’d like to setup some test environment in linode vps with only ansible + roles that i use is too much things need to reconfigure again in my playbook
    Do you think i can make my process easier with help of Bedrock & Trellis for these:
    - deploy & setup files db, wp-contents, uploads from files in my local machine for example
    - setup the wordpress in linode vps
    - for testing environment / staging usually i need to setup different domain which means i also need to modify the url in the existing db to adjust with new domain ?

i’d really appreciate for any advice & thoughts from you.

Many thanks & sorry