Asset Loading Order for Custom Javascript

Continuing the discussion from How to include custom/vendor scripts on gulp --production and avoid jshint errors:

Building on the previous discussions concerning loading of custom javascripts that aren’t available via Bower … I’m run through the process and am loading quantize.js just fine … but, my issue is that another bower installed script ( Color Thief ) is dependent upon quantize.js and after pulling my hair out real quick I realized that the method used here naturally works, but, I can’t work out how to make sure that my custom script loads after jQuery … but, before my Bower script. Not even sure if that is possible since both jQuery and ColorThief are conc’d in main and this would require actually injecting Quantize inbetwixt them~

Any thoughts?

I know Bower is great, but maybe it’s best to use Color Thief as a vendor script and not via Bower. Seems like it would save a headache or three.

I think you may be right on that :wink: