Assets not loading (not found) in Bedrock installation in subdirectory

Hi! I’ve installed Bedrock + Sage in a subdirectory and everything works (styles and scripts), except from some resources (images and fonts) that don’t load.

I have Bedrock installed in a subdirectory in my main domain, like this: I noticed that the browser tries to load the resources from, whereas the correct location is

I would greatly appreciate your help.

What is WP_HOME is to in your .env for Bedrock? Also, check the wp_options table for home. It should be if you have Bedrock installed in the web root — which is not advisable because it potentially exposes .env. :no_good_woman:

Thanks for your reply. WP_HOME is set to, and both siteurl and home in wp_options are set to

Is it just images and fonts that are defined in the stylesheet that are not working? Or are <img>s not working either? What do the URLs in the stylesheets say? What is publicPath in {sage}/resources/assets/config.json set to?

Just the images and fonts from the stylesheets. publicPath is set to /app/themes/sage.

Set the publicPath to the actual public path to the theme: /site/web/app/themes/sage — or if that’s what your public path is for your dev environment run the following when you build for production:

$ SAGE_DIST_PATH=/site/web/app/themes/sage/dist/ yarn build:production

For reference:

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That solves the issue. Thank you very much.!

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