Autoload and custom menu walkers

Hi guys I’m trying to figure out two things in Sage 9:

  1. If I add new classes in /app folder, say /app/Walkers/MyMenuWalker.php, and the class path is App/Walkers/MyMenuWalker, how do I get those classes autoloaded? Since the app/ path is defined as psr-4 in sage’s composer, why won’t the App/Walkers/MyMenuWalker be autoloaded by composer?

  2. I realise there is Bootstrap 4 Navwalkers package, but if I want to create my own menu walkers, what’s Sage’s recommended place to put them?


That should work. What’s the error you’re seeing?

Weird… it works now. Sorry but thanks for taking the time to respond @alwaysblank

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