Automated deployments with GitHub Actions

Hi Roots users,

I’ve created the GitHub Action steenbergendesign/trellis-action. This GitHub action allows you to deploy sites to your trellis VPS.


  • Multiple site deployments based on key == value in wordpress_sites.yml
  • Sage compatible (node 10 required)
  • Cacheable yarn cache (using actions/cache@v1 in your workflow)
  • Mitogen for faster deployments (± 600%)
  • Multi-repo (bedrock and trellis separated) support.

A standard bedrock site without sage/build-after/build-befores will deploy in just over 1 minute.
My sage-based site is about 2.5 minutes with caching. Without caching it’s about 6 minutes. But this will greatly depend on your setup and theme size, so no promises!

Please let me know if you’re running into any problems, having suggestions or just want to shout something at me.


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