AWS Config File

I have a plugin trying to find the following file: .aws/config at: /home/vagrant/.aws/config (this location on development anyway).

It does not currently exist, presuming it’s a file normally automatically generated. I noted the following command in this post: export AWS_CONFIG_FILE="/home/web/.aws/config"

I’m not looking to use the script in that post, but thought maybe in order to get my AWS config file generated, I should follow some of those instructions, this is what I’ve added so far:

Add to trellis/group_vars/all/vault.yml :

vault_aws_access_key_id: xxxxxxx
vault_aws_secret_access_key: "xxxxxxx"

With my AWS details in place, what should I run to create the /home/vagrant/.aws/config file?

I found the updated fork for aws-cli in this post: Aws-cli role can't install pip

So I now have the following changes added:
trellis/group_vars/all/vault.yml :

trellis/requirements.yml :

- name: aws-cli
  version: 5c1c14d9b0e6264605bd475c86d4ea67e7d5896f
vault_aws_access_key_id: xxxxxxx
vault_aws_secret_access_key: "xxxxxxx"

trellis/server.yml :

    - { role: aws-cli, tags: [aws-cli] }

Wondering where should I do run actual aws-cli commands from?
vagrant ssh in first?
I tested aws-cli on /trellis, then also vagrant ssh -> /src/www/ -> aws-cli both times got back: -bash: aws-cli: command not found

I’ve never used aws-cli so I can’t really comment on it but yes you’d have to run the command on the VM/server.

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