Base-front-page.php don't load after update to Roots 7.0.1


My base-front-page.php don’t load after I updated to Roots 7.0.1. I use it to load all pages that are in the primary menu to produce a one page website.

I saw changes in code of the update 7.0.1 for page.php and base.php and adjust my php to that changes.

I set my first loaded page (behave like section) of my page as static frontpage in reading setting of wordpress.

Looking the diff in Roots Sass Github don’t give me solution.

Someone can help me please?

Thank you

I found the problem, I missed the change in the update to base.php line: 17, roots_main_class (); is no longer used so I need to remove it in my custom code too.

The only thing that I find strange and I do not understand is why I have not had any error feedback on the screen and only in the html source file.

I insert define(‘WP_ENV’, ‘development’); and debug has the “true” value in the wp-config file.

Anyone know?

Thank you