Bash automation shell script for Roots and Sage!

Hey guys, first I’d like to thank the devs for the awesome work. So, I made a bash shell script that would automate the creation of a website for me. I did it because I thought it was redundant to try and do things over and over again through the terminal and the GUI. To create the virtual host on MAMP, the MySQL database, run composer, clone the repositories, edit the .env file manually, etc.

This is my first time doing anything like this, and the only reason I shared was because I couldn’t find something exactly like this, and it might benefit someone. Anyone is welcome to contribute and add on some ideas if they want. Using composer or yeoman are both good to integrate with it, and I’m open to any more ideas. Even if this is the stupidest thing anyone has come up with, please let me know how else I could’ve done this, or if there’s something out there already with all of this for my specific scenario, which is that I create my websites on my Mac and work on them from the MAMP folder.

Here’s the repo: GitHub - yaharga/roots-sage-script: This is an automation bash shell script for the creation of a WordPress instance with the Bedrock WordPress Boilerplate and Sage as its default theme.

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Nice work! There’s a really good talk on using Yeoman with WordPress here which might be useful for you, and potentially give you some ideas:

Also, follow the official Roots CLI project, it might end up being completely unnecessary for your needs but they may solve some issues that you might come across with your own project.

Good luck!

Sweet, thanks! The Roots-CLI thing looks promising! I hope what I made does end up completely unnecessary. Whatever else would be available beside it would definitely be made more professionally and efficiently!