Basic Theme WorkFlow

I’m really struggling to get up and running with roots despite having spent the day reading up around it! Can anyone please take me through their basic workflow of creating a custom themed homepage, which uses full width divs.

I would really appreciate any help, because I’ve been pulling my hair out all day trying to figure it out!



Hey Thomas,

Usually I’l start by making my own base.php and change to make it default here:

Then depends on the project requirements I’ll be looking at config.php (which page have sidebar, default column width etc).

From there I’ll override anything required using template hierarchy (front-page.php, category.php etc)

Hope that helps.

Hi @Thomas_Hoadley - I have used roots on about ten sites now and I love it. - in no way am I an expert but I wrote a blog post on how I set up the workflow with links back to here and some of the other tools. -

[Setting up a new roots installation][1]

This is also a site built with roots.
I am in the middle of writing another as we speak with some of the other problems Ive encountered - which is why i am trawling through some of my previous questions here!

Thanks for your reply!
The blog post you wrote wasn’t relevant to me but I actually went ahead with your advice in your other thread and removed the container class from the base.php file! :smiley:

Thanks for your reply - exactly what I was after!

I edited the base.php using the following advice:

Ha! at least something I said was useful! :smiley: