Bedrock 1.5.0 does not include Twenty Sixteen with 4.4.1

I just completed a fresh install of Bedrock 1.5.0 following the instructions on Github. Everything goes smoothly and WordPress 4.4.1 is installed. However, the active theme is Twenty Fifteen when I know that Twenty Sixteen is the new default theme for 4.4.1. When I check wp/wp-content/themes/ I see everything from Twenty Ten to Twenty Fifteen but no Twenty Sixteen.

I’m not so much concerned with actually having these themes available, but I do want to make sure that the version of WordPress that Composer is installing actually mirrors the version of 4.4.1 available on

Is it possible I have some sort of caching going on? Everything else about the installation seems to be in line with 4.4.1 except for the the themes folder.

It mirrors the official WordPress repo on github.

Twentysixteen is not included:

You can get the theme here if you need it:


Great, thanks for clarifying.