Bedrock & ACF file path error

I have issues loading CSS for an ACF generated options page. All styles are not loaded as the paths are off. For example this css style loading code snippet from the Advanced Custom Fields folder located in the theme:
wp_enqueue_style('select2', acf_get_dir('assets/inc/select2/select2.css'), '', $version );
results in a 404. It created this file path:
Basically all styles for the options page generated with Advanced Custom Fields show 404s now. It seems acf_get_dir does not seem to work here. It returns acf_get_setting('dir') . $path; which loads
function acf_get_setting( $name, $default = null ) {

	// vars
	$settings = acf()->settings;
	// find setting
	$setting = acf_maybe_get( $settings, $name, $default );
	// filter for 3rd party customization
	$setting = apply_filters( "acf/settings/{$name}", $setting );
	// return
	return $setting;

Any tips here on how to remedy this? Clearly a full absolute path does not work here with the Bedrock setup. Perhaps I should use regular WordPress template tags or?

P.S. Custom paths for loading all the standard ACF stuff is like here and there they use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . I only switched to get_template_directory() to make the child theme work.

Never mind. I needed get_template_directory_uri() to load the uri path instead of the absolute path