Bedrock-ansible and Windows

I’m working on setting my Windows environment up with bedrock-ansible, so I can do some easy development without having to invoke a remote server at all. I see that in the docs for bedrock-ansible, there are is a custom vagrant file to use as well as a script. I’m not clear on what I do with that second script to get things to work correctly. Do I have to install the vagrant box and then do a vagrant up and copy the windows script there or do I just put it in the folder with the vagrant file and when I run everything, it will do all the magic for me? I’m not sure exactly the proper way to proceed here.

I haven’t used that windows Vagrantfile but from looking at it all that’s needed is to run vagrant up and everything will automatically be done. Obviously you need to configure you wordpress sites first as mentioned in the README.

Tried, this, got an error. Not sure what’s happened. I am thinking I may need to just run vagrant and ansible on another box and just go into it remotely. I believe that vagrant supports connecting to a remote instance if I’ve read the documentation correctly.

Well what’s the error? Could just be an issue with the Gist. You could try posting a comment on it.