Bedrock-ansible complex help needed


I’m trying to make it happen for couple of days, but it seems to be little too much for a simple designer.

What I can achive so far was installing bedrock, all other needed things and then I hit the wall with vagrant (nfs, vt-x in bios), but it just generated another probems. I think that I’m doing something wrong from the beginning and I’m afraid of what will be next.

So… If there is anybody willing to help me trough the process step-by-step? I’m willing to pay for it a bit and after that I can make guide for complete idiots (like me) on how to do it to give community something in return.

yup, and in my country project isn’t worth 1/3 of their prices.

I was helping someone from this community with implementing YAMM3 menu in roots on private chat (for free of course) and I thought that someone can help me in the same way.

It’s very possible that someone may help! I was just giving you a link to someone who you could hire, because you spoke of it.

A step by step guide already exists inside the in the repo:

Sorry, it’s my fault, I didn’t clarify that I’m complete idiot when it comes to administration/server side/vagrant/ansible and such things. I’m after hours of reading this forum, bedrock readme, wiki and such. But I just don’t understand some basics and by this I can’t get along with it. What is clear for one musn’t be for another. And, what is most important (as I saw in some post), I don’t want to became deploying expert and learning ansible, vagrant and the rest of it.

What I need and want is simple get it up and running. After I do it once I can do it second time (basic monkey skills).

You might want to try following the instructions in the example repo – by cloning this you’ll get an example project with bedrock-ansible/trellis, bedrock and sage already integrated.

While nobody is expecting you to know every aspect of these tools, if you want to use these projects, you should spend some time learning the tools to a useable degree.

We try to have an outline of the step by step process of how to install and get up and running with each project, but outlining how to use each tool is a little out of scope of a README file.

If you want some help on these forums, posting what you’ve already done, along with your exact issue or error can most likely help in getting replies.

If you’re hoping someone will get on a call or Skype conversation to walk you through, it is possible, hopefully someone had some time and PM’s you

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