Bedrock-Ansible - Remote Developer Local Setup of Existing Environment

Hello, I need a little help with wrapping my head around a specific scenario.

We have a project that will need a remote developer to work on. This developer will be developing locally and then deploying to stage.

If I am installing my own local install of bedrock-ansible and then deploying to a Digitalocean staging environment. Then handing off the project to this remote developer at a specific date, what would this remote developer’s process look like to get this staged project deployed locally with all of the same Vagrant settings etc?

Just a little new to this and don’t know how we should proceed.


Your local setup should be version controlled, with git. If so, then your developer would just clone the repo install the dependencies and start working, same as any other git-based project. He should be able to push to the staging server too if you want him too, since your server details are in the repo.

I’ll let someone else handle the rest though, as I’d be a bit sketchy on the details of such a setup.


@evanfuture covered most of it.

This is one of the main reasons we advocate for these tools and processes. You can see how easy it is to have other people collaborate on your project. It’s just a matter of cloning your repo and following the requirements/installation.

Nothing else is needed and they’ll get the exact same setup as everyone else.

Only extra step needed is to add SSH keys for anyone else who will be deploying. See here.