Bedrock-Ansible SSHD Role

The SSHD playbook is currently referenced in Bedrock-Ansible. It looks like the original repo is going to be depreciated, and replaced with Debops.

I don’t know enough about Debops yet but is this something that we’d want to incorporate in Bedrock-Ansible?

And if so would it replace other existing playbooks?

This is purely out of curiosity and thinking ahead.

Update: I may have spoke too soon. Here’s the new playbook specific to sshd.

Same questions applies though. Would we want to update to this?

We knew about that newer role but its license is GPLv3. In order for us to use it we’d have to switch our license to GPLv3 as well which is something we probably don’t want to do.

Gotcha, I just read up on GPLv3 and I agree, that’s probably not the best route for what’s going on here.