Bedrock Backup methods

Hi there,

In my latest project I started using Trellis with Bedrock and I’m loving it!
Currently I’m not using Trellis (yet) for automatic deployments, since I don’t have SSH access to my production servers.

One problem I bumped into because of this, is my backup method. In the past I used BackupBuddy with satisfaction. However, since BackupBuddy only backs up files in the Wordpress root (which is the wp folder), the app folder is not included in the backup, which is the most important folder to backup.

I was wundering if someone else has come up with a workaround or uses a different plugin for backing up remote files?

Would love to hear any suggestions!
I already submitted a support ticket to iThemes, but I doubt they will add an option to include a one level higher folder in their backup method.


If BackupBuddy doesn’t support WordPress installed in a subdirectory, that’s a huge design flaw on their end :confused:

I think it does support that (because the wp folder is backed up correctly), but it expects that all the uploads, plugins and theme files are also in that subdirectory and not one level higher in the app folder…

I use VaultPress. It costs something, but it works extremely well.

Thanks! So you can confirm it works perfectly with the Bedrock folder structure? Might be worth switching in that case

Yes, it does indeed work with Bedrock.

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Hi there. I’m using Infinitewp and I like it. VaultPress might be great, but it’s really expensive if you need to manage a bunch of websites. So I’m surprised this is being offered as the solution in this thread.

Infinitewp also doesn’t support backing up files outside the wp root folder, which I think is logical when thinking about security. They do advise to create symlinks to the folders you want backed up. To me it sounds like a proper solution.

Still I’d like to fully integrate it into the Capistrano process and I’m not too sure about that. I suspect I need to add it to deploy.rb as a task to run after deploy.

I need symlinks for all custom files:

  1. shared web/app/uploads folder
  2. the web/app folder of the current release

I’ve come up with something like this:

namespace :deploy do
    desc 'Place correct symlinks for functional infinitewp backups'
    task :symlink_config do
        on roles(:app) do
            execute 'ln -s /home/username/webapps/ /home/username/webapps/'
            execute 'ln -s /home/username/webapps/ /home/username/webapps/'

after 'deploy:publishing', 'deploy :linked_files'

The most important think I’m missing here – I think – is a way to use variables to construct the paths to the current release folder. It’s also very possible that I totally messed up the whole structure, since I’m not used to coding in Ruby. Any input would be great. Thanks!


Did you ever find a solution to this, I’m trying to achieve the same thing to get backupbuddy working and Ruby isn’t my strong point either

Nope unfortunately not, but in retrospect I think BackupBuddy is possibly the worst plugin I ever purchased. I use it on several websites and I get errors all the time, it’s just not reliable. Their new BackupBuddy Stash Live feature even crashed my site (memory overload).
I tried Vaultpress on one of my websites and didn’t have one single error yet, but it is expensive though. If your hosting offers installatron you can make backups of your Wordpress with that.

I’ve been using UpdraftPlus with their More Files Add-On.

The only bummer is that UpdraftPlus’ add-ons require their non version…and I personally haven’t worked out a great way of handling premium plugins with Composer.

I’m getting a security check error every time I try to save a setting in updraftplus. Have you run across that? Do I need some sort of special file permissions?

My first gut instinct is to

  • check for you’re running the most recent version
  • see if the same issues are happening on dev and staging, and
  • contact the updraft people for technical support.

Hey, Brandon and everyone! :wink:
Do you have any updates regarding this topic?

What backup method is the best?

I’ve tried to connect my site to VaultPress but I’ve got a message “That’s not a WordPress site.” -

So I’ve asked the support and here is their response:

It looks like we are not able to discover and connect to your site due to the file structure - For example, your xmlrpc.php file (which is integral for Jetpack to work properly or for us to connect to your site to provide our services) shows up as missing due to this:

I would recommend reaching out to the developers behind Bedrock to see if they know common ways to connect Jetpack and VaultPress service through a Bedrock setup (I checked in our internal documentation and conversations and only saw one other instance of Bedrock in place, but we were not complete on finding out a solution ourselves).

Once you’ve spoken with the Bedrock folks, please let me know if there’s anything I can do from this side to help!

Any Ideas how to fix this issue? :thinking:

VaultPress pointed you to us? Tell VaultPress that they apparently don’t support WordPress installed in a subdirectory and they should figure out how to do so. The finger can’t be pointed at Bedrock at the end of the day.


That’s strange, I have been backing up one of my bedrock sites with Vaultpress for almost 2 years now? Latest backup: today?

Did you enter your site address with the /wp/ suffix? I think that’s essential!


Yep! That’s work! Thanks a lot! :+1:

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I want to mark this as the solution but VaultPress isn’t necessarily the primary topic of this thread so I’m just gonna say thanks for posting that haha!

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