Bedrock, Capistrano, Current folder and .. webroot

Hi there,

Ok so I’m trying my hands at his amazing Bedrock workflow

I have successfully deployed to webfaction (my host)

but I have a (very possibly) silly question

I actually have to make the /current folder my webroot right ?

Capistrano deployment makes this a requirement I guess

I was wondering what would be the best way to do that since my host does not allow me to configure a subdirectory as webroot

on webfaction I actually have to setup a special application that is only a symlink to the /current folder

this works very well of course

but would it be possible with an index.php or .htaccess file at the same level than the /current folder?

just looking for insights

and it really feels nice to use wordpress in these conditions - thanks

The short and long answer is probably yes. Capistrano’s entire workflow is based around its folder structure. So I’m not even sure how you’d get around or if you’d want to. I’m struggling a bit to understand exactly what you want, but I don’t know that’s possible.

Just a note that soon in Bedrock we’re actually introducing a new web/ folder which will become your web root. 1 level deeper than current/. So soon it would be current/web/. See


thanks for the answer, I’ll go and check the pr