Bedrock ClassicPress?

Is there any hope for a Bedrock version of ClassicPress?

There’s some really exciting developments coming from that hard fork. Their first beta release was today and dropped support for ancient PHP versions. Now supports 5.6+ and will soon only support 7+.

They are an open source project on GitHub so it could theoretically be possible to have a Bedrock that automatically updates anytime ClassicPress repo updates?

Is there any chance this could become a thing, and if so would it require help from the community, as in, how can I help this happen?

I would imagine that if ClassicPress is made available as a Composer package the way WordPress is with wordpress-core-installer, it could just work. I have no idea if such a package is available.

Awesome! I do know they are planning on making it a composer package.

For now, just add the vcs repo in Bedrock’s composer.json, swap the johnpbloch/wordpress for classicpress/classicpress, then run composer update and it works. ClassicPress includes johnpbloch/wordpress-core-installer as a dependency so it will install the same way as the WordPress Composer package. See gist below:


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@knowler Thanks, will use that on our next project probably!

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