Bedrock dependencies?

Hi there,

First off, (sorry for my english ^^), i’d like to thank you for the work done there. I am a freelance webdesigner-developper and i’m using your roots theme every time i create a new website. I really love the folder structures, basic functions included, bower & grunt integration and all. It contributed a lot in my development workflow.

But today that i came to get the last roots version, i discovered bedrock, and i took a look on it. It seems really good, and better than others wp developments stacks, even if the only thing missing actually seems to be the db syncing. Well, i’ve read the doc, but i’ve never used capistrano deployments. Actually, i have a dedicated web server where i have my client’s websites hosted, a self-hosted gitlab (so i have ruby 2.1.3 installed on the server), and i’m used to deploy my wp sites based on wp-skeleton and roots using git, gitlab hooks, and wp migrate for the db.
Actually this works well, but i’ve some questions in mind about your project dependencies. Do i Need to make the first install, i mean the first bundle compilations on the server ? Should it be enough to build all the required dependencies to let me pull the site on my local computer, which is a windows PC, without ruby ? By reading the doc, i understood that the bundle compilation should dowload and install all the required dependencies, just to be sure.
But well, i think that my other questions are more capistrano related than bedrock itself, so i will make my own research before asking anything else.

Thanks for your job & for reading me.

If you already have a deploy process in place, I’d suggest just sticking with it for now. The only extra step in deploying a Bedrock-based site is to run composer install on the remote server to get the latest dependencies.

But to answer your question: everything about Capistrano and Ruby installs is on your local computer. Nothing needs to be done to your remote server. Capistrano just executes commands over SSH.