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Hello everyone. I am new to using Bedrock and I am trying to use this tool for an upcoming project involving Wordpress. I have tried to follow the documentation on but was unable get a site up and running. My understanding is that Bedrock is a framework that lets you follow the 12 factor app process, but I just can’t seem to be able to get it running. I have looked for documentation besides the one available on the repo and could’t find anything. Could anyone point me to a tutorial/documentation that goes through the setup process and an example of bedrock being used for a project - even small. What is the difference between and this one:

Apologies if these questions sound trivial to the seasoned bedrock user folk.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.

What did you try and what errors are you running into?

Bedrock is a project that handles your WP installation and plugins.

Trellis is a project that can create a development environment with Vagrant. It can also provision remote servers.

Take a look at

Thanks for the reply Ben,

We’ve followed the installation guide for bedrock repo on github, we’re not sure what we’re supposed to see when everything is installed. How do we run Bedrock, does it install all of the dependencies that WP needs, such as the database? We’re currently trying to work through your example site . We cloned it and we followed Sage/Theme instructions although nothing happened . And what we want to do is to run the project locally. We’re a bit confused about how the whole things works to be honest and why Bedrock is useful?

Thank you for the help

Not sure what you mean by “we’re not sure what we’re supposed to see when everything is installed” — all you should see is a WordPress installation.

Running composer install is part of installing Bedrock which installs all project dependencies, including WordPress itself.

The database isn’t related to Bedrock. That comes from whatever your server is, such as your Vagrant box or MAMP install.

This is covered on

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