Bedrock mu-plugins Autoloader and development env specific plugins

I would like to load certain plugins (like uploads by proxy) as mu-plugins, but only if WP_ENV == 'development'.

I’ve taken a look at the code for Bedrock autoloader and there aren’t any filters. I’m thinking of submitting a pull request, but just wanted to check if anyone perhaps has any ideas for a different approach?

Seeing as composer.json is commited to Git, it would be difficult to avoid dev only plugins being loaded once deployed to production.

I’ve considered manually installing these plugins in my development environment so they’re ignored from Git and deploys. The problem with this is I’d actually like these plugins to be commited so other developers can easily benefit from them in their development environment.

Any advice is appreciated. If no alternatives, feedback on the idea of filtering Bedrock Autoloader cache is also welcome.

Composer supports require-dev which you could abuse a little bit for your use case:

However I don’t think we’d want to allow our autoloader to selectively load plugins based on environment. This would make the behaviour even more different than normal plugins which wouldn’t have this functionality.