Bedrock nginx 404 error


Getting 404 after installing Bedrock with WP Local.

Following video here:

and instructions here:

It is unclear if bedrock has changed the file name to site.conf.hbs? There is no reference to this type of file name in the documentation.

server {
	listen {{port}};
    root   /Users/{name}/Local\ Sites/{name}/app/bedrock/web/;

I also tried, as per documentation:

server {
	listen {{port}};
    root   /app/bedrock/web/;

Reset Local but still getting a 404.


Again normally I do not include ’ ’ around variables but upon opening the file I was not 100% certain as to why there were. Followed the instructions here:


Still getting 404.

Tested to make sure that it is not an issue with Local, I have fresh install working fine.

Not really sure what to do now, I know that it is a nginx config error, just out of ideas of where to look.


Hi @tomphilpotts,

Have you run composer install from the ../site directory?

I sorted out the issue by doing a clean install of OSX. Not sure if it was because I was using MAMP previous and it was causing an issue. But since rebuilding with Valet, not had an issue.


Hello, Could you explain how you fixed the problem, please? I have the same error.

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