Bedrock on AWS (EC2 + RDS + S3/CloudFront)

Is there anyone here managed to setup Bedrock on AWS EC2 + RDS + S3/CloudFront? I guess this is where Vagrant or Docker (correct me if I’m wrong; no clue how and what those two do) comes in hand…

Managed to get Bedrock (& multiple Bedrocks too) to work with DigitalOcean not too long ago, so onto the next challenge (with hope for some friends to help out :smiley:

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It really shouldn’t be much different than your DO setup. Using RDS instead of local MySQL is the exact same setup just with different credentials/host in your env vars.

S3/CloudFront could be more complex if you need different asset URLs. If you’re using Grunt, you could use one of the S3 plugins to upload them during your build process. But there’s probably resources on this for WP if you search. Bedrock doesn’t really make this any different. One suggestion I have is to use Origin Pull with CloudFront and you can skip manually uploading to S3.

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@swalkinshaw thanks for the insight and pointers!

Will look int o it and share my progress when I’m done here. I think I got S3 figured out but not CloudFront though (as in can just use an S3 plugin that does that automatically when uploading via Media in WordPress).

Thanks for the heads up.

What did you end up doing to get your assets on S3?

I’m using Vagrant to manage my local environment and need to move assets from my local machine to my staging / production environment during my build or deployment. Also need to rewrite the URLs at the same time.

I thought about using w3 total cache but its seems invasive and a bit volatile. I’m using APC / Batcache instead to simplify things.


I used this plugin for s3/cloudfront management:

I created this thread, which could be interesting on this topic: