Bedrock + SatisPress local dev - remote dev. How it works?

Hi everyone!

So, I have a local build of the site on Bedrock, some plugins are free, installed through CLI, some plugins are paid, on the local test server they were added through satispress.

I don’t really understand how it works, although I’ve dug through a bunch of documentation.

Locally - I have a list of files that are displayed on the SatisPress page in the admin, when I made the transfer to the remote web server, Satispress is empty, although I see the plugins themselves in the list of plugins, but the Satispress management page is empty.

I put a line with the satispress repository in the composer and ran the composer config repositories.satispress composer command remotely https://testsite.local/satispress/

What am I doing wrong?

Where is your Satispress instance hosted? I think your remote server needs to be able to access it: If the address of your Satispress repository is https://testsite.local/satispress/ then your remote server won’t be able to access that during deployment—it’s only accessible on your local network.

If I was developing locally, then I can’t upload/deploy it to a remote server?

What then is the process for working with SatisPress?

It also bothers me that locally SatisPress contains a list of plugins that it manages, when I made a deploy to a remote server - there is no list.