Bedrock shows just index of/

I installed bedrock using composer. but when i go to the site its shows just index of /athlone with all files in directory.

what i am doing wrong ? thanks

this is my .env file



Set your Nginx or Apache vhost to /path/to/site/web/

web/ being the important part.

sorry Scott, i am really confused.

I am using digital ocean VM. I installed all there and nginx. So now I have to install nginx on my machine and after deploy with capistrano to VM ?

You don’t need to install Nginx locally. You just need to set the web root correctly on the virtual machine by changing the Nginx configuration.

I’m not sure why you have set things to localhost if you are using a Digital Ocean box though. You should use its IP instead.

You should also look into our Ansible playbook that will do the majority of the server provisioning for you.

so , I have to download bedrock-ansible and bedrock into same folder.

now want to set up groups_vars/development:

Dont know what to use for host on digital ocean?
site_hosts (required) - array of hosts that Nginx will listen on (default: none)

Is there any example how to do everything from scratch ?

No screencasts specific to Bedrock yet, but there are plenty of Ansible tutorials out there.

For the site_hosts you need the domain (it can be a .dev if you edit your hosts file) and the server’s IP address.