Bedrock site: main Cpanel domain in a subfolder?

At the moment I have about 15 older non-bedrock/sage websites nicely structured in /www, so that each add-on domain has it’s own folder.

index.php # points to's header to init WP ...
... and so on

They all use the same theme, so I’m rewriting the whole thing to use Sage, and will also use Bedrock.

I guess for all other domains it shouldn’t be an issue - all I’ll have to do; besides proper DB replacements (wp-content -> app for example), would be to change the document root for each from /www/ to /www/

But for the main domain you can’t change document root, so it seems a bit more work:

  • I could move /www/ to/www/index.php
  • then change it to use header from /www/

But that means changing Bedrock files which doesn’t seem like a very good approach.
I’m not even sure this would not destroy something, but unfortunately cannot try with any of my existing main domains on various servers.

If anyone had a similar issue already, please share :slight_smile: @ben @knowler @alwaysblank perhaps?
Of course I could always try to have all the Bedrock root files/folders (everything from /web) cluttering my /www folder, but would really like to avoid it if possible (and move root bedrock files one folder above /www to my home dir)

Can anyone help out with this? Not sure if I can do something, besides moving to VPS for just this reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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