Bedrock: version-controlling plugins with Git


I have this qualm regarding how to best version control plugins in a project started off Bedrock. Namely, there is a composer.json file that lets me control plugin dependencies. However, not all plugins are available through

I’ve so far been manually dumping plugin files that were not available through composer into /web/app/plugins/ (where composer would install them).

The problem is that, after deploying to the live server and running composer install, not all required plugins will be installed, while plugins that were manually dumped into /web/app/plugins/ would not be deployed since this folder is kept out of version control.

Is the only solution here to install plugins that are not available through to a traditional wp-content location in the wp folder?

If this is the case, wouldn’t Wordpress get confused as to where read plugin files from - /web/app/plugins/ or wp/wp-content?

What is the solution here?

Thank you in advance.

I believe You mean Bedrock. Sage is starter theme, not a project that has /web/app :wink:

As for plugins not in wppackagist - if they ARE in any VCS (git, svn, etc) you can add those to repositories section in composer.json. I do so with my paid plugins and it works flawlessly. You can set up statis etc.

Have a look here:


Hi Johnny,

Of course, I meant Bedrock :smile:

Thanks for the suggestion to leverage Composer’s features.

A short and nasty solution would be probably to just version control plugins, but then the whole idea of using Composer in Bedrock is buried.