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Bedrock WP_HOME confusion

In my .env I have:


However, when I check the site’s settings in the dashboard BOTH
WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)
show the value

I want the site hosted on the root domain (which does work if I manually remove the /wp but all the links are referencing /wp paths.

in the wp_options table, siteurl shows what I believe to be the correct (though I’m not sure if that’s even referenced when it’s set in the .env).

As far as I can tell I need the Site Address (URL) setting to show the non wp appended value to get everything working as I’d expect. What am I missing here?

Sorry to bump this, can anyone at least confirm the WordPress Address and Site Address should not both contain the /wp path with this .env setup?

Indeed, only the Wordpress address should have the /wp suffix

Thank you for the reply, however I’m clarifying why BOTH “WordPress address” and “site address” both contain the /wp.

Admittedly, this is confusing because the labels for these fields (in dash>settings) are named differently to the vars in .env so maybe I’m confused.

Basically, I can’t see why every link on my site includes /wp when that’s not set as my site address in .env

I’ve searched for hours and whilst others have reported this, they always had their .env configured incorrectly.

Did you edit your config/application.php?
The url’s are set here:

Did you edit your config/application.php?

Nope, didn’t touch it :frowning:

Am going to try a fresh setup tonight and will report back.

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