Beginner command line user wants to use Sage theme too!

Hi guys,
Ive been using the older Roots theme for a previous project (dutch site). Back then my old collegue helped me install.

Now I really really want to use Sage theme and trying to install it for a new project of mine. Really dont know what im doing wrong. Cant get the css en js files installed in to the theme as you can see on

Is there a easier tutorial or something or just a ready to use theme package that I can use? Or does somebody offer this service to install the theme on my website?

My email is


Sage isn’t really meant to be used as a one-time install. It’s a base or starter theme to code your own theme on. Along with that, you do need a relatively good understanding of the command line and be able to install Node.js, gulp.js, and Bower on your own, as well as being able to troubleshoot a bit on your own.

That being said, the instructions on how to get Sage working are in the readme:

If you are having trouble with Node.js, this post is stickied: Npm Debugging Guidelines (Failed npm install, bower install, or gulp build? Read this)

Finally, and I don’t mean to be rude, but Sage is not a beginner’s WP theme. Before jumping into Sage, you should really have a very good understand of how a WordPress theme works, and again, not be frightened of using the command line since that is how the workflow of Sage is being used. We’ve written this post to try to explain this:

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Thanks for youre response @kalenjohnson. I was afraid that it’s not a one-time install. I’m experienced with WordPress but not used to the command line.

I’m going to look deeper into using command line and giving it another try. Thanks for the info!