Best pratice on update the project

II’m new on using command line to dev a website. I had the experience with Sage in 2 of my last project and I liked it. But I was used to simple make changes in a plain CSS document. And now if I want change something visual, need to run it in my computer and then upload. The problem is, it seen I have now to keep a backup of my project offline. Is there a better way to work that I’m missing?
Thank you and be patience if I look a bit newbie.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but most people using Sage have a local development environment that they work on, and then only push up changes to staging or production when they’re done working, not every little change.

So the thing I think you’re missing - if I understand you correctly - is that you need to have a local development environment setup.


Like MAMP, right? I better raise in topics some of my doubts to make myself clear:

  1. Some servers it was hard to upload all the folders, the node modules has 275,7 MB. My first doubt is, which folders should I never miss?
  2. Imagine that I uploaded only the folders I need for the website run. And, months later, a need to do an update. Can I rebuild just reinstalling node and put my productions folders back?

MAMP works for some people on here, but I highly recommend trying out a solution that more closely emulates a server, such as a vagrant box. We have bedrock-ansible as well.

If you’re using FTP or something like that, you need to not be uploading the node_modules folder. Really, you shouldn’t be uploading things in the .gitignore file. I highly recommend that you use git and deploys using git at the least. Again, we’ve got deployment solutions using Bedrock.

You should be keeping your project in git, then months later, you just git clone your repo, get it setup, and you’ll be ready to roll.

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Not things in .gitignore, except folders like dist :wink:

YES! Thank you for the clarification @kalenjohnson